Ah, the notorious about me section.What to say in a few words that can sum you up in your entirety,and make people eager to want to know more, to buy in to what you have to say. I am a 31 year-old woman in Vancouver, BC, Canada. I am not a writer by profession, nor am I a bonafide expert on anything other than my own life’s path. I am a pharmacist by profession which does not give me the opportunity to exercise the creative side of my brain a lot, and writing provides me with a creative outlet. The idea for this blog has been floating around inside of my head for a long time. As a person recovering from an eating disorder, I am likely overly sensitive to the underlying messages that women are exposed to every day from almost every angle dictating what the feminine ideal is. I myself have felt the pressure to conform to this ideal, and I have also spoken to many other women who have felt this same pressure. Furthermore, both in my professional and personal life, the message that I keep hearing from women of all ages is that they are not happy with how they look, and whether their flaw is real or merely perceived the physical seems to eclipse all else. Along my journey towards recovery there have been a lot of discoveries I have made about myself as well as women in general and how we seem to assess and undervalue our self-worth based on skewed comparisons to impossible media ideals. Every day I see women harming themselves to transform themselves into their idea of perfection. I have a lot of ideas and thoughts to share and I wanted a forum to share them. I would consider myself an extrovert in that I have no trouble conversing with strangers or being the center of attention at a social gathering, but I am actually intensively private. I tend to keep people at bay, and it takes me a long time to let people in. I kept my eating disorder a secret for years. The thought of sharing it with complete strangers on a blog terrified me, but I feel that it will be therapeutic and liberating, and hopefully it will get a positive message out to at least a few people and invite some meaningful discussion.

Welcome to my blog!





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